Coming along nicely…

I think the blog is coming along nicely despite it only being a couple of days so far. I just redid and updated the photo section. I decided it would be better to break down my past photos by year in a gallery format. The 2009 photos are done and posted. And I am hoping 2010 will be done in the next day or so.

I’ve also added a number of new links on the right hand side of the page. Each one is unique is their own way. Some have to do with Colorado, but others have a wider appeal. Please take the time to check out each one and I hope that you find each of them useful.

So the last couple of days I’ve been working on plotting out where my next hike may be. And it looks right now to possibly be somewhere in Cheyenne Mountain State Park. But nothing is yet in concrete.

It’s the weekend, so make sure to get outdoors and enjoy yourselves!

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