Columbine Lake Hike July 4 2012…

Happy 4th of July America!

Instead of your normal celebratory activities for the 4th of July, it was decided to instead head up to the high country and hit the trails. The hike to Columbine Lake is 3 miles one way beginning at the Junco Lake trailhead at around 10040 feet, with a final elevation of 11060 at the lake. Columbine Lake sits beneath Mount Neva on the west side, on the opposite side of Lake Dorothy, which I hiked last summer from the Fourth of July trailhead.

This hike takes you through pine scented forests and across cascading creeks and along willow filled meadows with slim chances of spotting a moose, which has been a personal hope of mine for a while. Remains of an old log cabin sits just off the trail, and a second cabin a few feet away, creekside about 25 minutes into the start of the hike. Wildflowers are plentiful on this hike and the trail becomes steep but manageable in spots but the view of Columbine Lake is well worth the effort. Bring a camera, sunscreen and insect repellent as the mosquitos can be plentiful. Dogs are allowed on the trail

Here are a few photos from todays hike. I will add captions to them later. I hope you enjoy them.

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