Mohawk Lakes Sept 15, 2012

Just a week later and I’m back on another trail. This doesnt happen often, so I’m taking advantage of it. This time the hike was to the Mohawk Lakes, not far outside of Breckenridge, CO. It’s one of my favorite hikes so far this season. According to the sign at the trailhead it reads “Mohawk Lakes 3.4” miles, but I have to assume that this 3.4 miles is just to the first of the two lakes. Upper Mohawk Lake is a steep in spots but not difficult 25 minute climb from the Lower Mohawk Lake, maybe another 1/4 of a mile, but I’m guessing about that.

Lots to see on this hike. Waterfalls, Continental Falls is 3 miles from the trailhead and lots of smaller waterfalls along the way. You’ll run into the remains of a 19th century ore mining operation, log cabins and a single ore car sitting lakeside. Not to mention all that Mother Nature has to offer. It was a great day for this hike because the fall colors were just coming into display. As for wildlife, I can report that I have moved up from the pika, chipmunk and marmot status to having seen rainbow trout and several mountain goats, which were too far off up on the side of the mountain for me to focus in and get a good picture that would do any justice. But trust me I saw what I saw and I wasnt alone in seeing them.

Anyway enough of my jabbering, here are some pics from the hike to Mohawk Lakes. I hope you enjoy them.

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