Skiing Snowy Range, WY March 2, 2013

I’m back outdoors!

Destination, Snowy Range Ski Area an easy drive about two and a half hours northwest towards the Medicine Bow National Forest to make some tracks. Coming from Denver, head north to Cheyenne(I-25), then west towards Laramie(I-80), then follow WY 130 towards Centennial. Snowy Range sits 32 miles west of Laramie, 5 miles west of Centennial.

If you love to ski or board and want to try something a little different then give Snowy Range a try. Snowy Range is small, just 27 trails but that shouldn’t stop you from coming here. This is my second time skiing here and though it’s been a few years since my last visit, if it weren’t worth it I wouldn’t have come back.

Here’s what I like most about Snowy Range. You are guaranteed to get in more than your fair share of runs for the day. Couple that with an inexpensive $43 full day lift ticket (adult) and you get more than your money’s worth. The lift lines are short and most of the trails are long, longest trail being 1.8 miles.  Elevation from base to summit is 1000 feet.

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The day lodge at Snowy Range has a gift shop, a bar and a huge cafeteria with plenty of food options. Rentals and lessons are available as well as snowshoe tours. There are lodging packages available in nearby Centennial as well as in Laramie. All and all skiing to me is about the experience and having a great time and I not only had fun, but I witnessed lots of other people young and old doing the same.

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