Cameron Pass, March 16, 2013…

Road trip! Just to get out of town for a few hours I rode with my friends up to Cameron Pass. No adventure planned other than taking in the scenery. I had never been up to Cameron Pass before so I am always up for checking out new areas to hike for future adventures. Cameron Pass divides the lower Medicine Bow and the upper Never Summer Mountain ranges with a pass summit of 10276 feet.

There are lots of trails in the area for snowshoeing and hiking. A good amount of back country skiing is done here as well. The Diamond Peaks Ski Patrol are ready to assist if need be.

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Following the Poudre Canyon Highway (Hwy 14) a little further past the Cameron Pass summit to The Colorado State Forest State Park Visitor Center, (yes State Forest State Park is the actual name, weird I know) you can learn more about the area and that this part of the state is huge when it comes to moose. Imagine my excitement! Unfortunately on this day there were no moose to be seen, not that were trying that hard to look for them.

Between the pass summit and the visitors center, you will see an impressive peaks and some jagged rocky formations, the Nokhu Crags. The Nokhu Crags were first named by the Arapaho Indians. Nokhu is shortened from “Neaha-no-xhu” which means eagle’s nest. Here are some impressive photos from a couple of climbers who made the climb in 2006.

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