Hiking Roxborough State Park, Mar 31, 2013

Sunday was a gorgeous day here in Colorado and I along with my partners in crime, decided on getting outdoors for some fresh air.

Staying close to the city we decided to head over to Roxborough State Park, southwest of the city and spend some time there. I’ve hiked Roxborough State Park a number of times before, but each time it was the Carpenter Peak Trail(6.4 miles). This time it would be the South Rim Trail a moderate 3 mile loop. The objective today was just to get out and enjoy the outdoors and sunshine, so this was perfect, since I was still very sore from walking lunges from a workout 2 days before.

Roxborough is a great place to take out of towners who wish to do a hike and get a feel for the Colorado outdoors without having to worry about altitude sickness. There are some great views and a chance to see some wildlife. We finished the 3 mile hike and decided to add on another 1.3 miles on the easier Lyons Overlook trail in the opposite direction from the visitors center and the South Rim Trail. Park access requires a State Parks Pass or a $7 entry fee for a day pass.

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