Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Sept 29th 2013…

Now after the hike to Mill Lake the previous day, I had been asked if I wanted to see the Black Canyon of Gunnison. OK it wasnt necessarily put that way, but anyhow, I had no idea what it was, as I’d never heard of it. So I did a tiny bit of research the night before and I still wasnt sure if this was something I wanted to see. It wasnt until breakfast this morning that I sort of made up my mind that I wanted to see this place and since we were not far from it anyway, it only made sense. I honestly had no idea of what to expect.

I dont know if my pictures did any justice to the Black Canyon or not, but if you are ever in Colorado for any amount of time longer than a couple of days, I would greatly suggest making the drive here. You will (and should) spend several hours here. You can go to the East Portal, the South Rim or the North Rim. South Rim is where you want to be if you want the visitors center and gift shop. There are plenty of places to stop off and observe and really just soak it all in.

For myself this experience made me appreciate living here in Colorado with all that it has to offer even more than I already had. Seeing the canyon from different viewpoints without having gone down in the canyon itself, (maybe the next visit) this was well worth coming here. Not to mention learning something new is never really a bad thing. I learned a lot while visiting here. Thanks to my hiking team (partners in crime), Charles and Deb for this experience!


– The Black Canyon was proclaimed a national monument in 1933 by then President Herbert Hoover, later becoming a national park in 1999

– The Painted Wall of the Black Canyon is the highest cliff in Colorado at 2250 feet, 1000 feet taller than the Empire State Building

– The narrowest part of the canyon at the river is 40 feet across

* Facts from the National Park Service website

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