Hiking to Elk Falls Overlook in Staunton State Park Oct 26 2013…

Back on the trail today for the first time in almost a month and since being back from vacation. This was probably more than I should have done, but you can call me an overachiever. Elk Falls Overlook is a must hike if you haven’t yet been to Staunton State Park. I of course walked out my apartment without my camera, so instead I used the my phone. Below are just a few photos.

Starting out on the Staunton Ranch Trail(SR) for 3.4 miles, then it junctions with two other trails, the Marmot Passage Trail(MP) and the Bugling Elk Trail(BE). If you want more mileage and a bit more gain in elevation to your hike to Elk Fall Overlook, then go left on the Marmot Passage Trail(2.2 miles, 430 Vft). If you want lesser mileage then go right with Bugling Elk Trail(1.1 miles, 256 Vft).  Both trails do meet back up before you take on Lion’s Back Trail(LB)(0.9 miles, 289 Vft).

So opting for the trail to the right, the Bugling Elk Trail(BE) for a little over a mile, then took the Lion’s Back Trail the final mile to the overlook. Coming back the same way, so basically an out and back hike at just under 11 miles. The view from the overlook is amazing to say the least.

2 thoughts on “Hiking to Elk Falls Overlook in Staunton State Park Oct 26 2013…”

  1. I have seen a few things on this new park and it looks like a great place to hike. This is the first reference I have seen of Elk Falls. Is there really a waterfall there? Is it dry because of the late season?

  2. Yes there is a waterfall there. There is no trail leading directly to it, so the best place to see it would be from the overlook. Of course me not having my usual camera on this day, I wasn’t get a closeup of it using just the camera on my phone. I hope that will change sometime in the near future where a trail will actually lead to the waterfall. Thank you for your comment and support!

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