Hiking Deer Creek Canyon Park, November 3, 2013

My apologies for the long time between posts. I have been very busy as of late working on some other things. But that doesnt mean that I havent been outdoors. Though not as much as I would like. This was a hike I did in November, actually twice.

It was a gorgeous fall weekend here in the Mile High and I needed to take advantage of it in some way despite not planning to originally. I was definitely needing to catch up on other things. I got the call to go along to check out Deer Creek Canyon Park about 30 minutes southwest of Denver in Jefferson County. Here are a few photos.

The parking lot is packed on weekends! Nowhere nearly as bad as it was when we did Mt. Bierstadt a few months back, but you can see why this place is so popular. Close to town still giving you a sense of being away from it all, appeals to many outdoors enthusiasts with trails for not only hiker, but mountain bikers as well as horseback riding. Plenty of options throughout the trail system with almost 13 miles of trails, many of them intersect, so you can come up with some really good options for getting in a nice workout. Great views in all directions throughout the park! Want something different without having to drive too far? Go check out Deer Creek Canyon Park

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