Wrapping up 2013 and looking ahead to 2014…

What can I say? Another year has past and I decided to look back over the highs and lows of the past year here at A Brother Outdoors. I’ve never done this before unless you want to count those Christmas letters that people send along with their Christmas cards each year. I’m guilty of having done a few of those in the past. Few people ever seemed interested in those anyway. So maybe I will do this just this one time for 2013 and you may never see another one again, but who knows, any and all positive feedback may persuade me to do it again next year, but right now lets not think that far ahead. There were really no lows in 2013, they were all highs,but maybe on differing degrees.

2013 saw myself exploring new territories such as skiing in New Mexico back in February in Red River, NM. A new state park opened back in May here in Colorado in Staunton State Park.

There were crazy adventures like the late June hike to Rogers Pass Lake through several inches of snow to a still half frozen lake, not to mention my sinking down to my waist in snow at one point during that hike.

There were some achievements during the year also with the summit of Mount Bierstadt (14060 ft) back in August, only my second 14er in the 11 years that I’ve lived in Colorado.

Other things include the April trip to South Dakota to Custer State Park and to Mount Rushmore. I will never forget that trip!

Other highs have to do with the cyber world and the growth of A Brother Outdoors in the number of followers both on Twitter and on the blog here itself. I cant be more grateful to the audience that I have. Purchasing the domain name http://www.abrotheroutdoors.com was a definite high for the year as I felt like what I created here was something that I didnt want to be taken away and it now makes this more official and “ABO” seems a little more solid now that it has grown into the next phase of it’s cyber life, so to speak.

What lies ahead in the new year? I dont know to be honest, but at the same time I do know a couple of things. Will I expand the online presence of the site into maybe an Instagram page or a facebook or Google+ page(s)? That’s something I’m still contemplating to be honest. I want “ABO” to grow of course but I dont want to extend it too much beyond what I am capable of. But that may change, who knows? There will of course be more hikes, skiing, snowshoeing, etc as expected. A huge adventure could possibly be coming in the later part of 2014, that I will certainly not mention until the time is absolutely right and I am sure of all the details. So stay tuned.

Is there something that maybe you would like to see here on A Brother Outdoors? I am looking for new ideas and new things to add to the site. A lot of you dont know but the reason why I havent been on a trail in a while is partly due to my concentrating on the completion my personal fitness trainer certification. So you might see some things at some point in the future in relation to fitness and nutrtion, when it comes to hiking, skiing, etc.

So I will sign off here but I want to wish each of my followers here on the site and also on twitter a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2014!

2 thoughts on “Wrapping up 2013 and looking ahead to 2014…”

    1. I greatly thank you for your support here! Happy New Year to you! Here’s to a great year and many great adventures ahead!

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