Snowshoeing Middle St. Vrain Trail in Peaceful Valley Jan 25 2014…

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Been busy a little as of late.

It was gorgeous weather here in Colorado on this day so the idea was to head up to the high country to do some snowshoeing. Peaceful Valley was if I remember correctly my first time ever on snowshoes well over 10 years ago. The snow was good, though not great in a couple of spots and it was rather windy a good part of the day.  We encountered a number of people on mountain bikes on the trail and a few cross country skiers as well. All and all a good day to not be sitting on the couch, not that there is anything wrong with sitting on the couch(There’s a time and place for everything). Here are a few photos from that day, enjoy!

I shot pictures with my new camera, new to me anyway. As you know I lost my previous camera, my Olympus and since had bought another, two actually. This one I used this day is a Fuji Finepix S9000, it’s an older camera, an awesome deal I got on Ebay and I wanted something different than what I had previously and something older at the same time. I’m still getting used to all of it’s functions and settings, so be patient with me while I improve my use of it.

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