Hiking Oeste Vista Trail in Angel Fire, NM, May 25 2014

This is a little late but I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I found my way back down to New Mexico for the long weekend to do some hiking. And New Mexico just like Colorado had see nothing but rain and severe weather all week long and the weekend would be no different in the Land of Enchantment. The initial plan was on that Sunday to hike to Williams Lake near the Taos Ski Valley but due to the rain that idea was shot as I had made a call to inquire about trail conditions. I was told that conditions were deep snow in and around Wheeler Peak starting about a quarter mile from the Williams Lake trailhead and that snowshoes would be the preferred option.

Well we didnt bring snowshoes, so instead still with the need to just get outside a nearby trail was chosen to get in a decent hike. Luckily there was sunshine Sunday morning with temps in the low 50s. Oeste Vista(Spanish for “West View”) Trail is a 2.6 mile loop in the village of Angel Fire is a good hike for anyone wanting to get outdoors and get a good views of Angel Fire, Monte Verde Lake and Wheeler Peak from a distance. Average elevation is around 8600. Personally the hike kicked my butt because I was feeling under the weather to start and I hadnt been on a trail in months. Either way I’m happy to have done this hike, it was challeging with lots of hills

2 thoughts on “Hiking Oeste Vista Trail in Angel Fire, NM, May 25 2014”

  1. If you are ever down in that neck of the woods again and the high country is snowed in, you ought to check out the trails at Wild Rivers Recreation Area. I think they just merged that into a new national monument. You can hike into the Rio Grande’s gorge and check out its confluence with the Red River. It is fantastic!

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