Hiking Mt. Sanitas Trail, Sept 28, 2014…

I’ve not been on a trail in nearly 8 weeks and out of the gym for the last 3 weeks and having worked the last few number of weekends and dealing with the stresses of life I knew this weekend that I had to get out on a trail somewhere now that I had the free time to do so! I didnt want to go too far from home and I didnt want to do too long of a trail, so I stayed local and made my way to Boulder and hiked the Mt. Sanitas Trail.

I work in Boulder and I’ve always heard of the Mt. Sanitas trail and have never taken it on until today. I made the decision last night to go check it out for myself. Mt. Sanitas trail is 1.8 miles one way with an elevation gain of 1243 feet. So it is indeed a workout in such a short length of a trail. This was ideal! A lower body workout and a chance to regain my lung capacity in just a couple of hours time. I decided to do this hike out and back. I could have done the loop and come back down via the Mt. Sanitas Valley trail, but I didnt want to go too easy on myself coming back down, nor did I want to cheat myself out of a half mile of hiking. I mean, who does that? The loop would have given me 3.1 miles, out and back on the same trail would be 3.6 miles.

This is a hike that you will not do alone by any means. Everyone in Boulder hikes or runs here, many taking the easier routes, the Sanitas Valley trail or the East Ridge Trail. Get there early if you can!

It was a nice day today and much needed for myself to get outdoors. My sanity has been restored.

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