Skiing at Copper Mountain…Feb 19, 2015

Pardon me while I do a little bit of catching up!

Ahh yes Copper Mountain! For me this is back to the place where my love for skiing all started! It has been a few years since I’d been back here and it was a perfect day to be back at Copper Mountain while of course playing hooky from the office in the middle of the week.

I had downloaded Copper’s Sherpa app the night before with hopes of giving it a try, but that didnt happen as I had wanted, so I will have to try it another time. Nothing to do with the app itself, more to do with my equipmentI was able to try out another app I have been wanting to use, called Snowciety. It’s of course a social app. Snowciety tracks your runs and give you important data, such as top speed, average speed, vertical elevation and distance. You can post comments and share your stats with your Snowciety friends or even share on facebook and other social media platforms. You can even see where your friends are on the mountain. I’ll try to post a screenshot or two later of it if I can.



The pics taken here I took with my phone, so they arent the greatest captures but for the purpose of sharing them with you guys here on the blog they do the job. It was one of those bluebird days at Copper this day as you can see in the pictures. Great weather, short lift lines and not having to work each made for an awesome day on the slopes. Unfortunate for me it was the only time this past season that I was able to get some skiing in. Hopefully that will change for the better in the season ahead.

4 thoughts on “Skiing at Copper Mountain…Feb 19, 2015”

    1. Thanks! Trust me I’m not in any hurry just yet for it’s return! But I’ll be ready when it does! Too many trails to hike this summer still.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I agree with you Copper is very beautiful! It will always be my most favorite no matter where I ski, because this is where I first fell in love with the sport.

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