Hike to Windy Peak, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, June 27, 2015…

First time back on a trail of any kind since February. This was my first visit to Golden Gate Canyon State Park, my 5th state park here in CO out of 43 state parks. We made our way to Windy Peak via the Burro Trail. According to the trail signage, the Burro Trail is a 4.5 mile loop and at the junction of where the Windy Peak trail meets the Burro trail it is .7 miles to the top. So all together 5.9 miles in total or if you work in accounting as I do, you always round up if it’s in your favor, so let’s call it 6 miles total. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife website rates the Burro trail as difficult and I would have to disagree slightly and say it’s more moderate to difficult overall.

There are one or two sections within the loop where the Burro trail is very steep. Also most of the last .7 of a mile up to Windy Peak is pretty steep as well. When you return from Windy Peak at the junction of the Burro trail, you can go back the way you came or you can continue on the loop.

It was a gorgeous day and much hotter than expected overall but it was a great hike and one I definitely needed.

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