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Hiking Stanley Mountain Trail, July 22, 2018…

I’m doing a bit of catching up, so bare with me.

Headed up to Berthoud Pass on this gorgeous July morning with the intent to shake things up and try a new trail and give it a go at Stanley Mountain Trail. In the beginning Stanley Mountain Trail is a very steep trail as you make your way above treeline. Once you get above treeline, you still have one more sizeable vertical climb ahead of you, luckily it switchbacks across the face, but still it’s not an easy attempt. Once atop of that then it’s basically flat until you get to final ascent to Stanley Mountain

Though you cant see it in the photos, on top it was very windy, so we didnt stay long. Using the Map My Hike app,  which I use on every hike we came in at 7.55 miles roundtrip, topping out Mt Stanley at 12485 feet.