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Olympic Planning…

Skiing at Monarch 2 weekends ago got me re-energized on finally getting started on a life goal that I have had on my bucket list, if you will. That life goal being to visit and ski each Winter Olympics location throughout the world. So I’ve spent some time earlier in the week and the last couple of days working on breathing life into this goal, hoping to get started as soon as possible. Ideally if I could knock one village off this ski season that would be an awesome start on my quest. There’s a ton of planning I’m gonna need to do first to figure out where and when my first Olympic village run will take place.

Being that I live in the western part of the country the logical plan would be to tackle Squaw Valley(1960), Calgary(1988), Vancouver(2010), and Salt Lake(2002) then work my way east to Lake Placid(1980).

Money is no object. No, really I mean it, “Money is NO object.” Meaning that I don’t have it like the Joneses. But that’s not gonna stop me from pursuing this life goal. This is about adventure, not a luxurious, amped-up lifestyle. I imagine there will be some cheap stays, cheap eats and maybe even a cheap souvenir or two, but I can guarantee you that the fun to be had and the memories won’t be cheap. I will keep you posted on any progress in my planning and research on this adventure in the making.

What adventures are on your bucket list?

Make it a great weekend everyone! Get outside and have some fun!