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Hike to Carpenter Peak, May 7th 2016…

After a long 8 month layoff from having been on a trail of any kind, it was long overdue time to get back out there if not from a physical standpoint but a mental one as well. I made the call earlier in the week about doing a hike and I just wanted something close to town and something moderate at best. Carpenter Peak in Roxborough State Park would be the destination. I’ve hiked Carpenter Peak many times before as it is usually a warm-up hike leading into each hiking season. Carpenter Peak is 3.2 miles one way sits at 7160 ft in elevation at the summit, the highest point in the park.

The weather this day has been consistent with the last 3 weekends prior, grey and cloudy, with some chance of precipitation either rain or snow. Here are a couple of pics I took using my cell phone.

About 10 or 15 mins into our descent, we hear a rumble of thunder off in the distance. We began to pick up our pace and on the way down we hear more thunder and then a flash of lightning and the hail and rain start to fall. Besides not wanting to get struck by lightning, I don’t mind at all the change in the weather. I was in the moment and just so happy to be back on a trail!