Hike to Crater Lakes, July 4th 2015…

Happy 239th Birthday America!

After a long night working the Zac Brown Band concert at Coors Field the night before and barely functioning on nearly 4 hours of sleep, I had made the decision to celebrate the country’s Independence Day by taking in a hike with friends.

Crater Lakes of which there are 5 of them are 3 miles in from the East Portal Trailhead at the Moffat Tunnel. The trail is moderate in elevation gain until about the last mile or so, then it becomes a little more steep and challenging.

We stopped at the first lake had lunch and made our way back down the trail. Next time I hope to see all five lakes.



Snowshoeing East Portal Trailhead, Dec 29, 2013…

It’s been six weeks since my last outing and what better way to get back into in than to do some snowshoeing. I’ve hiked this trail numerous times, but never have done any snowshoeing on it. So today would be that day. No destination in particular just getting outdoors is the main objective.

The temperature was 18 degrees upon arriving in the parking lot and it couldnt have had a better day. Blue skies and lot of sunshine. The wind was a lot worse in the parking lot than it was on the trail, but it’s always windy there at the Moffat Tunnel. And there were a lot of people out today, a few other people snowshoeing and quite a few more people on cross country skis. The conditions were just right, there was plenty of snow to be had up there, 2-3 feet in some areas, maybe even more. It literally was a picture-postcard day up there! It was a fun day and also a tiring one. But definitely a great way to end 2013!

Rogers Pass Lake & Heart Lake Sept 30, 2012

Two weeks later and hopefully not my last hike of the season, again I was back at the Moffat Tunnel and the East Portal Trailhead. I say this because the weather is getting much cooler especially in the mornings and today is a perfect example. But if you know me, I always hike in shorts no matter the weather. Call me crazy and I’m sure many have, but I’m most comfortable this way and I dont feel the cold on the lower half of my body anyway.

This time the hike would take me to Rogers Pass Lake, which was the original destination but later it turned out that we would throw in a short and steep quarter mile addition up to Heart Lake as well.

To me there is no better smell when I’m hiking than the fresh smell of pine. It just awakens my senses and lets me know that know matter how many miles are ahead of me, that this will always trump any day at the office! You get plenty of fresh pine smells on this trail. Enjoy the pictures!

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