Hike for Africa…

It’s been a while I know but I’m still here. This has been a trying month with working two jobs, which leaves me little time to get out side as much as I want to. The Mt. Huron hike that was planned unfortunately didnt happen. That was due to a mix up in communication. But I hope to still be able to make that hike. And now as of yesterday(Wedensday) I am sort of out of commission, for 2 weeks, per doctor’s orders and I was hoping to do a hike this Saturday to benefit Educate!  http://www.experienceeducate.org/.

Educate! is a non-profit organization with the focus of educating and empowering Africa’s future leaders. This Saturday is their 3rd Annual Hike for Africa. http://www.experienceeducate.org/hike-for-africa. Festivities begin at 8:30 and the hike is an optional 2 or 4 miles. There is a $20 pre-registration fee.

I have finally uploaded some new photos from 2010 as I promised to do a while ago. There are more to come from 2010. Get outside and enjoy the outdoors!


Weekend update…

I was a little bummed about the weekend, as I wasn’t able to get in any hike as I had hoped. I woke up late, (which I hardly ever do) just after 11am and I would much rather be on a trail as early as possible. Which usually depends on who I am hiking with more than anything. So unfortunately I dont have any new photos to share. But I do know that as of this morning the plan is in less than two weeks go after what would be my second 14er ever in Mt Huron. I’ll keep you updated as it gets closer.