Hike to Roger’s Pass Lake June 22, 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday. I of course had to work my 2nd job yesterday, so celebrating was not on my agenda. So I figured since I have the day off today that I would catch up on the blog with my hike to Roger’s Pass Lake from 2 weeks ago.

I did this hike last fall and this time around it was much more difficult than before. It’s a relative moderate 4 mile hike to the lake, but what made it more difficult this time around was the numerous snow fields we ran into the second half of the hike. So needless to say I was a little unprepared. Some of the snow we ran into was on and off the trail, near bridges crossing rushing water. Some of it solid enough to walk cross with no problem, others not so much. And some were at least 3 feet deep! I know as I suddenly sank down in one up over my waist! Talk about cold!

All and all it was a good hike, as any hike is, but this day I got a lot more out of it, than I had expected, still that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We did come across some bear tracks in the snow close to the lake. That was exciting I thought, though I didnt follow the tracks to see where they might lead. But the idea did cross my mind!

These are a few photos from the hike, I hope you enjoy them!

I dont know that my body will forgive me for what I put it through on this day, but I do know I am tougher for it! Get out and enjoy the outdoors! Next hike for me is this weekend, Saturday actually. Eldorado Canyon Trail in Eldorado Canyon State Park, just outside of Boulder, CO.


Rogers Pass Lake & Heart Lake Sept 30, 2012

Two weeks later and hopefully not my last hike of the season, again I was back at the Moffat Tunnel and the East Portal Trailhead. I say this because the weather is getting much cooler especially in the mornings and today is a perfect example. But if you know me, I always hike in shorts no matter the weather. Call me crazy and I’m sure many have, but I’m most comfortable this way and I dont feel the cold on the lower half of my body anyway.

This time the hike would take me to Rogers Pass Lake, which was the original destination but later it turned out that we would throw in a short and steep quarter mile addition up to Heart Lake as well.

To me there is no better smell when I’m hiking than the fresh smell of pine. It just awakens my senses and lets me know that know matter how many miles are ahead of me, that this will always trump any day at the office! You get plenty of fresh pine smells on this trail. Enjoy the pictures!

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